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Your One Stop Supplement Store in Sri Lanka. We are the leading Sports Nutrition Distributor with Authorized Distributor and Sole Distributor status for American brands.

Our company started off in 2009 when supplements were relatively new to the market. The initial task was to make sure we were getting brands directly from the company itself. This way we can be assured that our customers are receiving only the top quality products. Our company policy – Do it right or not do it at all !!! We have worked hard, built trust and achieved a status which no supplement company in Sri Lanka has yet achieved – The Number One Provider of Genuine Sports Nutrition.


Our Mission and Priority is to offer top-quality products, while providing outstanding customer service. A successful business is one which has both quality products and the best customer service. Where our company stands today is a reflection of the above.

Our assurance – Any product you buy from Supplement Factory has gone through quality tests and origin checks. Any product we sell can be verified with the brand mother company.

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